Friday, September 25, 2009

The Amazing Number Nine...

By asking me some question about the number 9 during Navarathri, a dear friend provoked the numerologist in me, and I simply cannot resist sharing some very interesting facts about the number. The speciality of the number 9 can never be exaggerated! You certainly know some facts about 9, even though you may not have given much thought to them. May I enumerate a few outstanding facts below:

0. 9 is the final digit of the decimal system of counting.

1. Add any digit to 9, and the sum of the individual digits of the result will equal the original digit; compare this property with that of zero, which leaves the original digit after addition.

2. Multiply any digit with 9, and the sum of the individual digits of the result will equal 9; compare this property with that of zero, which leaves zero after multiplication.

3. Divide 9 by any digit, and observe the beautiful pattern that emerges out of the result.

4. Astronomically, there are 27 constellations in our galaxy, and each one them has 4 directions, and 27 * 4 = 108, In other words the number 108 covers the whole galaxy.

5. In Pythagorean numerology, 9 is the last of the digits, and thus marks (among several other things) conclusion, end, finalization, judgement, fruition, rhythm, justice, regeneration, spirituality, voyaging, ambition, intellectualism. Also, the words "FORTY FIVE" and "FIFTY FOUR" each sum up to 54 (9x6). Note that 6 is the sum of the factors of 9 (3x3=9, 3+3=6). Also note that 5+4 is also 9. The Gematria of the word "Dan," which means a judge, is 54 (9x6).

6. In one minute, we breathe in approximately 15 times, in 1 hour 900 times, and in 12 hours 10800 times, and in a day 21600 times. The sum of individual digits of either 10800 or 21600 is nine.

7. According to Indian mythology, there are 4 Yugs
         Satyug - consists of 172,800 years (1+7+2+8 = 18 == (1+8 = 9)
         TretaYug consists of 1296000 years (1+2+9+6 = 18 =  (1+8 = 9)
         DwaparYug consists of 864000 years (8+4+6) = 18 = (1+8 = 9)
         Kaliyug   consists of 432000 years (4+3+2) = 9 

8. In Hinduism, Rishi Vyas created 9 Purans, 108 MahaPuran (Upnishads). Mahabharat has 18 chapters, Geeta has 18 chapters, Bhagavat has 108000 verses. The sum of individual digits of each of these numbers is 9.

9. Our festival "Nava Rathri" literally means, and is practically celebrated for, 9 nights, and it signifies the 9 forms of the Goddess.

So much more can be written about the number 9, but I am feeling overwhelmed and saturated at the moment. However, in addition to the above 9 facts, I shall cite certain miscellaneous references that I had come across during my study of the number 9 (please note that I have not personally done any research on the references below):

A. In Roman Catholic Europe, when the Angelus tolls (at morning, noon, and evening), it ring 3+3+3 and then 9 times, in celebration of the Virgin's conception of the Saviour.

B. The Ennead, or nine pointed star, is an ancient and sacred symbol. It comprises three trinities. The Egyptian, Celtic, Greek and Christian myths all have an Ennead of nine gods and goddesses, representing the entire archetypal range of principles.

C. The sum of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet is 4995. Note that the sum of individual digits comes to 9, and also that 4995=5x999. Also, "th orgh mou" (tee orgee mou), my wrath = 999 (Hebrews 3:11)

D. In 1 Corinthians 12:8-10 are also nine in number:
The word of wisdom, 
The word of knowledge, 
The working of miracles, 
Discerning of spirits, 
Divers kinds of tongues, 
The interpretation of tongues.

E. Nine persons "stoned.":
The blasphemer, Leviticus 24:14. 
The Sabbath-breaker, Numbers 15:36. 
Achan, Joshua 7:25. 
Abimelech, Judges 9:53. 
Adoram, 1 Kings 12:18. 
Naboth, 1 Kings 21:10. 
Zechariah, 2Chronicles 24:21. 
Stephen, Acts 7. 
Paul, Acts 14:19. 

F. Nine widows are specially mentioned:
Tamar, Genesis 38:19. 
Woman of Tekoah, 2Samuel 14:5. 
Hiram's mother, 1 Kings 7:14. 
Zeruah, 1 Kings 11:26. 
Woman of Zarephath, 1 Kings 17:9. 
The poor widow, Mark 12:42. 
Anna, Luke 2:37. 
Widow of Nain, Luke 7:12. 
The importunate widow, Luke 18:3. 

G. Nine persons afflicted with blindness:
The men at Lot's door, Genesis 19:11. 
Isaac, Genesis 27:1. 
Jacob, Genesis 48:10. 
Samson, Judges 16:21. 
Eli, 1Samuel 4:15. 
The prophet Ahijah, 1 Kings 14:4. 
The Syrian army, 2 Kings 6:18. 
King Zedekiah, 2 Kings 25:7. 
Elymas, Acts 13:11. 

H. Nine were afflicted with leprosy:
Moses, Exodus 4:6. 
Miriam, Numbers 12:10. 
Naaman, 2 Kings 5:1. 
Gehazi, 2 Kings 5:27. 
5 through 8: The four lepers at Samaria, 2 Kings 7:3. 
Azariah, 2 Kings 15:5

That should do for now... ;)