Friday, February 13, 2009

Writers And Readers

I have great news for all the good writers who have always held an ambition to see their posts in print, but were unable to get their work published for various reasons. I also have good news for all the voracious readers who would like to read some excellent creative writing - stories, tales, scripts, poems, How-to, and other articles - all categorized and structured, and available without spending a penny.

There is a community in the web that not only offers authors a channel of expression by creating their literary projects, but also allows them to obtain valuable feedback on their work from other authors, reviewers, editors, in fact, any other member of the community. Authors may then continue to edit/revise their work based on the suggestions received, while submitting more posts for feedback.

Once authors have written enough substance that could make up a book, have perfected their work, and have earned sufficient stars from the reviewers, they may decide to submit the project for publication. The community considers all such submissions for an open vote, and the top 10% of the projects that receive a thumbs-up are published in print and made available through sites like and a few select outlets.

The membership, the writing space, the feedback, the reviewing, the editing, the publishing and the marketing are all absolutely free! It works on give-and-take policy. You read and review their posts, and they will return your favour by reading and reviewing yours. Invite members of the community to be your friends, accept their invitation, send them requests to review your work, review theirs from time to time, and that's all there is to it. Some projects may also be open to authors other than the project leaders, in which case you may post your work in them as well. If that project gets published, it may also contain your contribution in print.

And hey, in case you are not published during one voting cycle and you think you really are good enough to be published, you are free to resubmit your project during the next voting cycle. There is no limit to the number of times you can submit your project, developing and improving it during the intervening time.

If you are only a reader, all you need is the free membership, a basic profile, and you're on your way... Search for projects that you may be interested in, add the authors as friends, and start reading their work for free! You may also seriously help them review/edit their posts and earn yourself the honor of Top Reviewer. Author can rate your feedback, based on which the honors will come to you. And if some work you have been continuously following gets published, you can also say with pride that you have read the work well before it saw the light of day, and perhaps even contributed much in shaping it. And hey, some project leaders may even share a percentage of their royalty with you for helping them!

It's very similar to blogging, only a lot better and richer experience.

The community is: WeBook ( )

You can find my profile at:

Join, write, read, and have a great time!


Wednesday, February 04, 2009

What Have We Here?

Let's be honest. Let's be straight. And let's not lose perspective.

What happened in Mangalore was nothing short of terrorism. That's that. No matter which organization perpetrated it. No matter what they say their motive was. It was terrorism. Simple.

I heard somewhere that our country does not negotiate with terrorists. Wonder if I heard that in a dream.

This incident is a clear reflection of the socio-political impotency in one of the largest secular democratic republics!

This will not stop as long as eunuchs represent us in the government. 

Moreover, I wonder why our so-called religious leaders are silent about this issue. If some Double-H, Tripple-S Somebody Swami were to come out and make a bold statement condemning such dastardly acts, then perhaps...

Or perhaps I'm asking for too much. Perhaps they too have turned into...?

Bah! What a world we live in!