Wednesday, February 04, 2009

What Have We Here?

Let's be honest. Let's be straight. And let's not lose perspective.

What happened in Mangalore was nothing short of terrorism. That's that. No matter which organization perpetrated it. No matter what they say their motive was. It was terrorism. Simple.

I heard somewhere that our country does not negotiate with terrorists. Wonder if I heard that in a dream.

This incident is a clear reflection of the socio-political impotency in one of the largest secular democratic republics!

This will not stop as long as eunuchs represent us in the government. 

Moreover, I wonder why our so-called religious leaders are silent about this issue. If some Double-H, Tripple-S Somebody Swami were to come out and make a bold statement condemning such dastardly acts, then perhaps...

Or perhaps I'm asking for too much. Perhaps they too have turned into...?

Bah! What a world we live in!


Eclipsed Thoughts said...

Hi Pradeep,

Well, i wouldnt say that politics stinks... infact i have no authority to say such thing in this matter, but when ppl get into the bigger circle, they usually get entrapped with the vicious ways... greed and need, all become one... and among the blind ones, who is going to say the real way is "this way"... thinsg happen... remember in geeta Krishna said "whenever there will be evil in this world, i will come to correct it"... well, i dont believe that there will be any krishna to mend ways, but society itself will correct its own wrongs to get into the track...

We keep deviating from extreme good to extreme bad... and when society deviates to the bad, it has to find way to correct itself... just a simple law of nature... all we can do is put in the minimum effort so that we find the "path to truth".

PRADEEP K. said...
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PRADEEP K. said...

Dear Eclipsed,

First of all, I do not think you vote for a representative with an understanding that she/he or other members of her/his government may get entrapped in the vicious circle of greed and fear. I guess you would expect something more from the person who represents you and your nation. Something more substantial, perhaps?

If you have voted, then you are qualified enough to ask any valid question to your representative or her/his government.

Second of all, there will not be a Krishna. But there are others who are believed to be religious leaders today; people who should be setting examples to the rest of the masses.

You spoke of a minimum effort. I trust that that little effort could be quite easily inspired by our so-called religious leaders.

I do not think I shall ever understand why they chose to be mum in such turbulent times.

MsK said...

People imposing their thoughts on each other. I feel we are in for a civil war soon :(