Thursday, December 21, 2006


"I never break any rules. Sometimes I simply make new ones for myself."

Among rules, regulations and norms, I certainly respect those formulated by a constitution and enforced by a court of law. They are essential, although some of them do need refinement. I also respect rational organizational rules and priciples, which are also essential because they encourage a healthy and congenial work atmosphere.

However, socio-religious dogmas, doctrines, traditions and customs fall on a totally different plane. I do respect those of such, which make rational sense. Many others, which are enforced without good reason, or for the sole reason that they have been prevelent since ages, do not appeal to me. In general I prefer not to follow anything that I cannot question, or that for which the understanding is not clear.

If society were to dictate what I should or should not eat, or what caste I should marry in, or what type of music I should enjoy, or whether I should have friends from a specified religion, sect, or cult... In all such cases, I would simply have to tell them where to stuff their principles.

Simply because I am part of society does not mean that I am any less of an individual. I cannot respect people who force their idiosyncrasies on others. Furthermore, I cannot respect people who give up their individuality and dreams, and succumb to the socio-religious dogmas and traditions.

In a truly social environment, individuals must not dictate terms, but must respect another's rights.


Thursday, December 14, 2006

I Am Game!

For those who love me, and have probably been long wondering what happened to me:

Nearly a month ago Nature, with all Her glorious kindness, invited me to play a game with Her. A small lump developed on the right side, somewhere around the 11th rib, on my back. Initially it caused me some discomfort like fever in the evenings and mild pain.

Underwent Sonogram and Pathology tests. The Pathology test was extremely painful, and why I did not howl in the lab will forever remain a mystery to the doctors! Anyway, they said there was nothing to be worried about immediately, but they need to perform a biopsy - to surgically drain the lump out from my body and to break it into bits and study it minutely - to be sure of the cause and the further course of action.

I had not been able to think of undergoing that till now, since December 11th was my sister's wedding.

Now, about a month since it showed up, the lump is still as it is. Fortunately the fever symptoms have vanished. There is no pain unless pressure is applied.

Mostly at the beginning of January 2007, I should get back to the surgeons for further discussions about what course of action can best be taken then. I am hoping it will not be anything serious.

But in any case, I am letting Nature know that I am game!

Cheers! :)