Thursday, December 21, 2006


"I never break any rules. Sometimes I simply make new ones for myself."

Among rules, regulations and norms, I certainly respect those formulated by a constitution and enforced by a court of law. They are essential, although some of them do need refinement. I also respect rational organizational rules and priciples, which are also essential because they encourage a healthy and congenial work atmosphere.

However, socio-religious dogmas, doctrines, traditions and customs fall on a totally different plane. I do respect those of such, which make rational sense. Many others, which are enforced without good reason, or for the sole reason that they have been prevelent since ages, do not appeal to me. In general I prefer not to follow anything that I cannot question, or that for which the understanding is not clear.

If society were to dictate what I should or should not eat, or what caste I should marry in, or what type of music I should enjoy, or whether I should have friends from a specified religion, sect, or cult... In all such cases, I would simply have to tell them where to stuff their principles.

Simply because I am part of society does not mean that I am any less of an individual. I cannot respect people who force their idiosyncrasies on others. Furthermore, I cannot respect people who give up their individuality and dreams, and succumb to the socio-religious dogmas and traditions.

In a truly social environment, individuals must not dictate terms, but must respect another's rights.



tulipspeaks said...

hmmm.. hmmm.. hmm...

enna thidirne?


passerby55 said...


A well written Post.

Isn't Life the coexistence of all opposite values.What may be right to one, is wrong to another. Life i understand is full of dualities, opposites. We all need to embrace a wholeness, to move ahead.

But each of us if went on making new rules, will there be any co.existence?

WHEn new rules would be asked for it would be treated as only genration gap, I think so. I could be wrong here.

ITs a complex issue, but good you thought to post it here.

"individuals must not dictate terms, but must respect another's rights". MAny could learn this.


Ashley said...

If we were in a pub having a discussion, I would toast what you just posted.

Cheers to you, Pradeep!

PRADEEP K. said...

Dearest Amu,
Onnum ille, anbe. Simply sick of some people expecting me to follow certain things that make no rational sense. :)


Dear Passerby,
Thank you for understanding that we need to embrace the wholeness - that has been a message I have attempted to get across for a long time. You can see distinct and clear images of that message in many of my previous posts.

One point of clarification: This post is not about "right or wrong". Nor is it about "each of us making new rules" that suit us.

This post is about each of us trying to understand the rationale behind rules formulated by often anonymous people.

It is extremely easy to go with the masses, to accept all that has been said, and all that has been accepted by a majority as true.

This post simply propopses that what is accepted by a majority need not be true in all cases.

This post emphasises questioning that which has been presented, to ensure that it is indeed in league with the current times and circumstances.

This post discourages a blind following, and encourages an intelligent questioning until the understanding becomes clear.

In the light of this discussion, what you so sweetly call 'generation gap' is unavoidable. Change for the better is the essense of evolution.

Of course, you can refuse to question or to evolve; but you have no right to stop another from doing so.


Dear Ashley,
Been a looooooong time, dear! Welcome back. Glad you could find the time. :)

Thanks for the toast.

But really, if we were in a pub, I wouldn't have been discussing, but rather chilling out.


Eclipsed Thoughts said...

hmmm... sometimes it is so difficult to make people answer why are they following the rules... sometimes i question myself and realize that i am following the rules because i have been programmed to follow them... i dont know their rationale...

Now, i think i can question myself... keep others superstitions and dogmas at a distance and enjoy my liberty... but at times it gets too difficult...

That was a very nice thought. Kudos!

Sugababee said...

ermmm... do I smell a rebel :p

Its an interesting idea.. its just how we conform to the world around us... as much as we may not like to do so.. it just happens to a certain a degree...

PRADEEP K. said...

Dear Suga,

A rebel?

The husband dies; the wife is coerced into shedding all her hair and wearing a white saree all her life; or she is pushed into the pyre to burn alive wih the dead husband.

A group of social activists assault, batter, and finally kill a man openly in a public place simply because he was seen eating beef.

Authorities at a temple physically manhandle and cast out a gentleman because he was born in a supposedly lower caste and does not seem to have a right to enter and pray there.

I can give you twenty-five thousand more such instances that can curdle your blood and give you sleepless nights.

You call such things conforming to the world around you?

I am not a rebel. I am simply an average human being with average intelligence. Forgive me if I am wrong.