Monday, March 12, 2007


The man who goes with the crowd will
Get no further than the crowd.
The man who walks alone will find
Himself in places no one knows about.


der Bergwind said...

u remind me of thomas hardy :) 'far from the madding crowd'!!

only, the age n times of today aint look upto these navigatorz on the highway to discovering the newbies of life!!

passerby55 said...


When men/women go with the crowd They start with a difficulty and do something great.

When WOmen/men walk alone they are about to do something truly magnificent, and they start with an impossibility.

I Enjoyed this post. They are GEMS And PRECIOUS ONES INDEED!


PRADEEP K. said...

der berg wotever!
Welcome to the Endless Chasm!

I believe you are Indian. Yet, I hold nothing against you for hiding behind a seemingly German ID! The EC welcomes one and all.

** "...the age n times of today..."

Exactly which age and times were you born in, my friend?

I hope you understand the import of my question. If not, I would certainly explain myself.

Ashley said...

I love going places few people ever go. That's why I visited Gwalior fort and the Maharaja's palace. I realize a lot of Indians may go there, but I have yet to meet anyone in the US who has been. Ditto for Caelaverock castle in Scotland.