Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Talk to Loneliness

The only way to handle loneliness is to talk to it, face-face...

"Ah, loneliness, welcome! How are you, my crafty little friend? Now that you have found me again, we will squander a few minutes together. Not that you leave me a choice, otherwise. Much has transpired since you left me recently. I’ve been keeping a tab on you, just as you always keep an eye on me.

"Was on a business trip to Bangalore, just the other day. You were not to be seen, then. Perhaps you were hanging out with S. I believe you followed him all the way to Mangalore Club, but it seems that you had to hold back your attack owing to his sociable father. However, you did assault him again through Christmas, didn’t you! You are so sneaky.

"K is annoyed at me. Yes, you know her. Just like everyone else, she is also one of your victims. And you had pushed her to the edge. I was just trying to help her get over you. I suggested that she should try to do it without those anti-depressants. She must have thought that I’m unreasonably poking my big nose into her business; naturally enough, she’s annoyed at me. You do strange things to people. But I don’t like you making drug addicts out of my friends. They suffer, don’t you see? You must apologize to her.

"P was here. He was inquiring about you. It seems that you’ve not found time to meet him recently. But of course, you’ve been busy. He looked happy, having found himself a girlfriend. But that shouldn’t worry you; it’s not something that you cannot fix, is it? The greatest of men have fallen prey to you. P is just a spoilt little brat. He’ll get over it.

"It looks like V and T have come completely out of your grasp. They don’t even seem to believe that you exist. Oh, you should see them babbling nonstop, oblivious of everyone else in the world. I suggest you don’t attack them; it’s in your favor that they are always together. All the people around them are constantly seen praying, nay, begging for you. Where else can you find several voluntary victims in one place? Come to think of it, I propose that you may want to stay a mile away from V and T. Get any closer, and even you may start believing that you don’t exist!

"And A...? She got married, and you did not attend the wedding! But you are not shy, are you? One at a time, did you say? Oh, but that’s not true! I’ve seen you attack people even when they are in a crowd, you liar. Why, I’ve even experienced it personally several times. That’s okay; I’ll live.

"What, are you leaving, already? Oh well, fine then. Until next time, take care."


Camphor said...

Ah yes, Loneliness. I'm not familiar with you, perhaps that is why I do not know what to say to you. You've hit me pretty bad recently, but strangely, I just clung to you all the more strongly. I like your sister more, the one who lets me be alone and stay happy that way. You'll leave soon enough, I know, meanwhile, make yourself at home.

Pradeep - who is K?

PRADEEP K. said...

Way to go Camphor!

Yes, the sister lets one cogitate in peace, and is therefore more acceptable.