Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What Next?

We are extremely happy that we have the ability to vibrate our vocal chords to produce a variety of sounds, that we have conventionally classified and organized sounds into vowels and consonants, that we have succeeded in adhering to some standard phonetic rules and dictionaries, just so that we can understand each other. But what have we really done in effect? We have divided sound, just like we divide everything else around us.

There are thousands of people who take great pride in investing millions, in using hi-tech equipment, simply to cut open matter and looks inside it. There are thousands who are involved in meticulously classifying all the stuff we observe around us. Arthropoda, crustasea, arachnida, insecta... Vertabrates, invertabrates... Consonants, vowels... Lip sounds, nasal sounds, palette sounds... Neucleus, protons, electrons, mesons... Mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy... Wow, wow, wow... Stop, stop, stop!

Yes, we have done it. We have taken a beautiful world and broken it down into little bits. Now we look at the world as a systematic collection and organization of these little pieces, and attempt to learn and master creation by dividing it thus. Anything that falls outside the purview of our classification is considered either miraculous or damnatory. In doing so we have lost track of holistic living, and have certainly succeeded in complicating our life tremendously.

Wonder what we will do next!


Eclipsed Thoughts said...

While studying AI, i thought we would come to a completely technical world where human race would be in a grave problem (it might diminish, if not the life, the living ways or mayeb we would become less humane). Yes, we have been dissecting almost everything, right from matters to civilization.

You are right, what will be we cut next, what will we learn next. We have so much looked into the differentiated world that "integrated" things are left unnoticed.

Very nice thought, made me wonder for a while. Keep up!

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

Never thought in this direction.Thats true we as a human being love to divide separate, segregate things.See there are two ways of looking at this.When we talk of Electrons,photons,or planets,galaxies, what we are doing is we are studying their qualities deeply.So its natural that we need to dissect everything to have a good better look...its not exactly dividing exactly.
When we speak of animals,plants with a taxonomic perspective then we are said to be dividing and grouping them in to species.That is not enough we separate these objects into Sub species,genre etc.

Ane ways is it bad.if anything you get to know by dividing and grouping then its fine.

The only bad kind of division we are seeing today is that which is being done by our govt.They are dividing people in caste and sub caste,eventhough they stay together.Division of this sort is detrimental.

Keshi said...

Ur right...we have classified the world into too many things...

**. Anything that falls outside the purview of our classification is considered either miraculous or damnatory.

however anything that falls outside that can be miraculous, isnt it Pradeep? Just cos we dun comprehend certain areas of this world too well, that doesnt mean it isnt a miracle...I could be wrong :)


Diana said...

hey pradeep..whts up? i havent read ur posts for a long time but cant afford to miss achance to read them........will sit down one day n read all the pending ones dear.....keep posting

Neha said...

good to see ya back!
im here after quite a few days.. lemme catch up with all the posts :)

Maya Cassis said...

wow great to see you back.
talking about vibrating our vocal chords,I was wondering if you knew any vocal music teachers from mangalore,who would be cool with training an older student who can only croak right now hahahaha

PRADEEP K. said...

Dear Eclipse,
AI is a brilliant field. Although I am not professionally specialized in that direction, I have tremendous interests in the fundamentals of the theory. :)

It is my conviction that the learning process would be much more fruitful if we start building up, rather than breaking down. A holistic lesson is much more satisfying.

If it made you think, my writing is justified. Thank you very much.

Dear Abhi,
Two of the best teachers are observation and experience. One of the most important lessons that they have taught me is that the principles that govern the infinitely large are the same that govern the infinitely small.

Man has all the knowledge he needs in himself. All branches of study stem out of a single seed. All one has to do is to look within oneself and learn the seed. There is no need to break anything open. There is no need to divide anything.

I am not sure that I could elabore my belief more in the space here. It does sound quite subjective as I state it here. But I hope to write more about it soon.

Thank you, my friend. :)

Dear Keshi,
There are innumerable lessons of nature that we cannot comprehend unless we are ready to handle the simplicity of the concerned lessons. Our learning will be much more effective the day we can subdue our intellect and accept people and things for what they are.

Anything we do not comprehend is not a miracle. It is as naturally a part of our existence as our breathing is.

If you see a child, he is mesmerized by the very basic of magical tricks. It is all miracle for him. But as he grows, and his intellect forms a part of his learning process, the miraculous aspect dies away, and he learns the tricks of the magician. It is no big deal after that.

We are all caught up in this whirlpool of miracles, myth, and magic, which are nothing but illusions. The day we free ourselves from them we shall live holistically. And vice-versa. :)

Hi Diana, Hi Neha!
Missed you. Huggggggz...
Ohh you did not miss much of importance. Take your time. :)

Dear Maya,
I knew a Karnatic teacher. But I am not aware of her whereabouts now. Currently I know a person who teaches the guitar.

But anyways, I shall find out if there are any good vocal teachers. Shall let you know if I come across any. :)

Keshi said...

wuts up dude...why all these tears? I hope u 2 work things out soon...


PRADEEP K. said...

Dearest Keshi,
Tears are natural. But they have all dried up now. Absolutely not worth shedding one more drop over something like this.

Trying to make it better would, in fact, only make it worse. So, I would not like to discuss this matter any further.

I hold nothing against anyone.

Cheers! :)

Keshi said...

Good on ya..take it easy Prady!