Friday, June 16, 2006

Ripples And Poles

If you have not yet read Eclipsed Thoughts, I earnestly encourage you to do so. She is a brilliant author, and her thoughts are anything but eclipsed. So simple, and yet, so clear. So natural.

Her recent post is about Ripples, and a comparison to life. Read her here

I must admit here that I love reading her. Commenting on her posts has almost become my favourite hobby.

My take on her recent article:

Rising/Fading ripples are only different names and form of the one reality - water. It is in the "Time duration between two ripples" (aptly the title of her post) that you can see this truth.

Same is the case with our breath - it is between the inhalation and exhalation that we can see the truth. And same is the case with all other polar concepts in life.

It is when the ripples (or the poles) are calmed down, that we can see the ultimate truth: All is one.

Those who are interested may also read my poem related to the same concept: Tao



Eclipsed Thoughts said...

Beautiful Poem "Tao". Maybe now i can trace my ways(thinking) through your series of poems, your track!

Keshi said...

yeah I read her post...twas beautiful!

**Same is the case with our breath - it is between the inhalation and exhalation that we can see the truth.

how Praddy?


Ekta said...

hey yeah!
Have recently got onto eclipsed post and cld relate to it sooo much that blogrolled immediately!

Ashley said...

I'll have to check out her blog!

PRADEEP K. said...

Dear Eclipsed,

It is not "my" track, but it is the track of the seers. It is THE track.

I have no doubt that you shall reach the epoch of evolution soon. When that happens, you will no doubt realize that you and I are no different. You will realize that all is one.

All the very best!

Dear Keshi,

** "How Prady?"

Breathe! Breathe with complete awareness.

Compare your breath with all the polar concepts: Inhalation/exhalation, crest/trough, high-tide/low-tide, good/evil, yes/no, zero/one...

Understand that life is not a "boolean" concept, and that both the poles are but end-points of one singular reality. Between the poles, you can "see" the reality.

If you want more clarification, you have my email ID.


Dear Ekta,
Blogrolling her is not enough. Try and understand her writing. For your benefit, let me tell you that she means a lot more than she writes. Learn to read between the lines.


Keshi said...

cool I got ya..that was a great explanation thanks Praddy!


Princess said...

Great thoguhts in simple words.
Hi Pradeep,

How are you ?
I missed you & your friendship a lot.

Will come to chat with you soon.


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

hey !

eega nanugge avathu neevu helidha controvery and reason for ur depression gothaayithu ... when i saw praveen's blog ...

anyways , nanuge ennu heelakke aagalla ... so, not saying anything

i am yet to read her blog ... and ur Tao post too

tc ... will read when i am free ... have a lotta work pending thanx to my leave !