Thursday, April 06, 2006


I am going through a very humorous experience:

Two people are relentlessly after my blood. One of them is an ardent devotee of Bollywood movies, while the other is a diehard fan of cricket. Although I generally don’t waste my energy on hatred, there are a few things that do irritate me, and unfortunately for me, cricket and Bollywood happen to be two among them. All hell seems to have broken loose.

Xy: What do you mean cricket irritates you?
Me: Uhmm, I mean...
Pq: You don’t like to watch Bollywood movies?
Me: Uhmm, not much.
Pq: Why not?
Me: Well, most of them don’t appeal to me.
Pq: What the @#$%^! How can you say such a thing?
Me: Uhmm, well...
Xy: You don’t watch cricket matches?
Me: No.
Xy: Never?
Me: No.
Pq: What do you mean they don’t appeal to you?

I am sure that the worst of criminals get a much better treatment in a court of law. And the above transcript was just a sample. They start every time they see me, and they go on and on...

I believe that if this were not a secular republic, these two fanatics would have ripped me apart, sucked all my blood, taken one each of my kidneys, broken my ribs, thrown my heart to the dogs, and left my remains hanging at the crossroads as an example for others.

But hey, this is my opinion. To hell with Bollywood and cricket! Do what you can, sweethearts. I shall not live by your standards. Nor do I owe you any explanation.

I am tagging all my friends - Tell us the most humoros experience you have had.



Abhishek Upadhyay said...

Same here. I dont like Bollywood movies neither Cricket. Sometimes I watch Hollywood movies though I am not addicted to it.
Cricket...everyone in my family is crazy after that. Even my Mom and Sis...and I am odd man entire family. Kya bakwaas game hai yaar.

Whenever I am with my friends I see to it that they dont discuss about Cricket...otherwise I do what you suggested your friends would have done to you.

Hats Off to the people who hate Cricket.

Neha said...

lol.. funny!
poor u.. caught between them ! :)
i don't hate either one of them.. i used to love both at one time.. bow they'r just here.. neither hate nor love exists ;)

praveen said...

**ripped me apart, sucked all my blood, taken one each of my kidneys, broken my ribs, thrown my heart to the dogs, and left my remains hanging at the crossroads**

hahahahha...thats soo cruel

lets leave bollywood movies aside...i seriously can not stand hindi serials..some or rather it will have something between a bahu and her saas.. desh mein nikla hoga chand was one seriously dumb serial they used to air here

PRADEEP K. said...

Dear Abhishek,
Hahahahaha! You seem to have enemies right at home!
My sympathies man!

"...otherwise I do what you suggested your friends would have done to you."

Wow! I wish I had that much violence in my blood. I guess I am not as brave as you.

Thank you Abhi!

Dear Neha,
Poor me! You can say that again! Hahaha!

You have neither love nor hatred to these "vices" hahahaha! Thats a very good sign!

But what about my tag huh? LOL
You better take that up soon. I want to know your humorous experiences before something really bad happens to me. :)

Heyyyyyyyy Praveeeeeeeeeeen!
Howz u sweetheart?
Hahahaha It is cruel, is it not? ;)

Hindi serials are sick!
Specially any serial by the great Ekktaaa Kkaaapoor!

Did I get her spelling right? Who cares? Hahahaha!

She seems to have taken this concept of "punarjanma" to the next level. She must think that the gods are really crazy! ;)

By the way Praveen, I want to see you take up my tag as soon as possible. I want to know your humorous experiences before anything goes seriously wrong with me. (My offline messages would have given you the details)


Amy said...

I can only imagine that these two people value your opinion so much, that they perceive your differing tastes as some kind of criticism; so they feel the need to put you on the defensive to make themelves feel better.

How's that for amateur psychology?

Keshi said...

lolllz Pradeep u can get really funny sometimes! And I like ur attitude...never let ppl tell u what u should be..u be what u want to be :)

**I shall not live by your standards. Nor do I owe you any explanation.

Spot on!

I dun like many Bollywood movies altho I used to watch I dun watch any at all cos they r sugary and fake and the same darn formula! I like low-budget Indian movie better cos they have realistic stories of real lives n experiences...

Cricket...hmmm since I come from Sri Lanka, I watch Cricket only when SL plays :) If not Cricket is a boring game, I know lol!

U tagged us lol!

** Tell us the most humoros experience you have had.

well I have had of em...

One of my cousins has suddenly become an obsessed-dieter and it is so annoying to go out with her cos all she ever does is check out the back of a drink bottle or food item to see how many calories is really annoying! So once we all went out for dinner and she was soooo strict on what she's gonna eat, she didnt order anything. It was shocking besides embarassing! And to be honest now she looks like a skeleton on skin rather than a woman of 26yrs. So I told her to eat some from my food...she picked on small pieces and nibbled..thats abt all...I couldnt stop laughing as her BF told her 'u should be in that fish tank eating fish food, not in this table with us...' and he left..he was so angry lol! I told her that i agree with what he said..and she got mad and told me that we all should be like her etc...and I said 'plz I dun wanna deprive myself of beautiful things in life just to look like I need a good serving of steak..'!

Not that I wanted to hurt her but cos I wanted to her to LIVE -not be the thinnest woman in the graveyard.


PRADEEP K. said...

Lol Amy,
Hey, did you change your profile? Or are you a different Amy? How are you, girl? Didn't know you were practicing psychology. :)

Heyyyy Keshiiiiiii,
Hahaha your cousin seems to be an extreme, indeed! And "skeleton in skin" Hahahaha!

Queen Bee said...

There's a Mrs T who loves to rub on people's dislike for certain food.

She would purposely place an order for that particular food because she 'crave' for that food, and so everybody has to oblige. Then she would never fail to ask whoever the person is to try some of that food which he/she dislikes. This Mrs T is pathetic. She has no other joys in life except that...

Ashley said...

So, I guess you aren't a fan of the film, Lagaan?

saby said...

i hate cricket too
GOANS love football

i dont love all of bollywood
just sharukh khan movies

i saw all his movies after DARR

janice is a mangy too

saby said...

Ref: Ask me whatever else you want to know ...

do u enjoy solo sex ?

Diana said...

Dear Pradeep, believe me, I hate cricket but then I dnt mind bollywood.
This is actually humorous.
keep blogging

PRADEEP K. said...

Dear QB,
Hahaha... Thank you for sharing that with us. There seem to be all kinds of funny people around ;)

Dear Ashley,
Lagaan... Lagaan... Lagaan?
Ohhhhh Lagaaaaaaaan!

A fan? Of that cocktail? Moi? Nahiiiiiiiii! No, never!

Hey Saby,

"janice is a mangy too"
Whatever do you mean by that?

Hey Princess Di ;)
It is just their movie-making formula that irritates me.

romeo said...

Thank god for u giving me some Alien company..

Me: er..i dont watch cricket
Other: what r u ? an Alien or what ?

this happended more than 100 times with me. When i tell my friends & relative that hate cricket reply would be as above mostly or they seem looking at a Alien.