Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Healing Time

Time, they say, heals all wounds. I strongly disagree. Time is indeed a factor involved in the healing process, but it is not the cure in itself.

It’s only been a while now
that I was run over by a train.
Give me a little more time
to collect my bits up again.

It’s only been a while now,
and I’m still fighting the pain.
Give me a little more time
to gather my soul up again.

It’s only been a while now,
and I’m sure that I’ll sing again.
Just let me find my voice, and
the rhythm will return in time.

It’s only been a while now;
I’ve forgotten how to smile now.
So give me a little more time,
and maybe a little more time.

It’s only been a while now (It’s only been a while)
that I was run over by a train (I’m still fighting the pain)
I’ve forgotten how to smile now (Forgotten how to smile)

But I’m sure that I’ll sing again (The rhythm will return)
So give me a little more time (Just a little more time)
And maybe a little more time (Yeah, a little more time)

I had written the above lines a few months ago, and had immediately started wondering why I had written them. When I read it back today, it made more sense.

Cheers everyone! :)


nerine said...

as usual, your words speak to me. i've experienced those feelings and hopefully grown from it.

praveen said...

now those lyrics are really making sense to me...it seems to mean alot...i hope you get back ur rhythm

Shiv said...

Nice words...Too gud!!

Queen Bee said...

You are right, time is not the cure. It does give us many chances to heal though...

I have learnt that there are some people out there who knows that you love them, and you could only love them silently. They can't return your love but they will remember you... sigh, I was also rejected by one of these people. I still love him after all these years, but more as a friend now. There's always a special someone in our hearts.

Keshi said...

I agree with Queen Bee..she makes so much sense...

Some ppl know that they r loved immensely by u and thats all that it will be..and that's special enough, isnt it. Cos u live in their hearts forever...

Take care Pradeep.


Diana said...

ur words speak for themselves.....
very nicely told
keep writing pradeep
best of luck

Yashita said...

wow...so maybe this was already meant to happen?? well, Life, we never know wat it has in store for us!!

PRADEEP K. said...

Dear Nerine,
Thank you, dear.

Dear Praveen,
With friends like you, it cannot take too long. Thank you heaps.

Dear Shiv,
Welcome to the Chasm. And thank you.

Dear QB,
That was a very consoling thought. Yes, I will always hold a special someone in my heart. Thank you, lady. :)

Hugggggggggggggggs! :)
That means a lot. You are tight. And she will always have a very special place in my heart, as well. You are a wonderful friend, Keshi. Thank you for those consoling words.

Heeeeyyyyyyyyy Diana! :)
Welcome again, girl! How are you? Sure thing. Cheers to you too! :)

Mmmm... You always read deep into my posts. Love that! :)

PRADEEP K. said...

Keshi, Correction for spelling mistake: I meant "You are right*"


clueless romeo said...

thanks for the invitation..
I am impressed with yr blog & was silent spectator until u fell in love...
i agree with u, TIME doesnt heal everything...

wish u heal soon

Keshi said...

ty Pradeep :) u too...hugggggz!


Jewel Rays said...

a beautiful poem pradeep. Speaks so true and speak and encouraged me as well.

Thank you.

saby said...

my wife left me for a younger man
but i guess i will be fine
when i find a younger woman

my kids tell mom who took away my kids
u sure are a dummy ma

we needed a better dad
wat took u so long
to find a better man