Thursday, March 30, 2006


Disclaimer: If you base your spiritual faith on people who perform miracles, and if you believe such people to be Godheads, then please do not read this post, because it might hurt your sentiments. I am responsible for what I write, but not for what you read.

Wonder how anyone can sympathize with people who commercialize or glorify miracles!

Ask yourself a few simple questions: How do you explain your breath? Is it not a miracle that you breathe in and out continuously, even though you are hardly ever aware of the process that so keeps you alive? Is it not a miracle that a few million neural cells floating on a bed of proteins interact into an intricate electro-chemical network, which we call a brain, and that these reactions make you an intelligent person? Is it anything short of a miracle that all this happens even without your conscious command? Look minutely at yourself, and you shall see a million miracles!

Everybody, my dear, is a body of miracles! I shall not prostrate before myths, metaphors, magic and miracles. I do not see a greater miracle than a normal, healthy life.

Pq: Did you see that? He just produced a golden Lingam from his stomach!
Me: Yes, I saw it. Poor man.
Pq: Poor man? He is God!
Me: He is terribly ill!
Pq: He is God! Prostrate and pray.
Me: Stop glorifying him! The guy needs medical attention!
Pq: You are sinning. You will reap as you sow.
Me: The poor man is suffering! They should call a doctor.

Seriously, he who vomits golden ingots (or performs other seemingly impossible feats) in public is only a shrewd businessman, a skilled magician. I have nothing against him, but he is not the Truth.

PS: Those who wish to curse me for this post may freely do so in the comments.


Princess said...

"I do not see a greater miracle than a normal, healthy life."

Good one :)

Jewel Rays said...

Look minutely at yourself, and you shall see a million miracles!

Indeeds!! *smiles* that was a beautiful one there..

And wow did that really happen a man vomitting golden ingots???

Bizarre if u ask me??

PRADEEP K. said...

Dear Aiz,
Thank you.

Dear Amy,
Yes, it really happened. This man vomited a Lingam of Lord Shiva before an international audience, and one of our Religion TV Channels broadcast the event live.

Elder citizens breaking coconuts and offering flowers before their TV sets was a sight, indeed!

Hahahaha... Bizarre? That is a very small word, Amy. There are many such "Phenoms" here in India.

If I were to mention the name of that man here, people would recognize him immediately. They would reverently salute his name, and curse me for having called him a magician.

Well, as some intelligent fellow said: If you cannot beat them... ;)

Cheers, girl!

passerby55 said...

Through the Law of Attraction, many good things move into our lives, apparently unbidden.

Miracles do happen, and generally in circumstances when you least expect.

look at this commercialization...
from the eyes of a child
HE /She would say,
"I WONDER" ...
We need to say this several times more than we saying "I think".
Its the wonder element in miracles which attracts you!

Does this post also begin with the word "WOnder"?

Ashley said...

I admit, I did journey to Puttaparthi to see Sai Baba when I was in Andhra Pradesh. I am by NO MEANS a follower. I am very curious about why people believe a variety of things, so while I was nearby I felt compelled by curiosity to see what all of the excitement was about. He is very popular in certain circles in the West. I felt as though I had seen the South Indian version of the Pope. He was a wild-haired, frail old man in saffron clothing. His followers were mesmerized; however.

Keshi said...

thats right Pradeep, we ourselves are great miracles, well-said!

I think ur talking abt Sai Baba's lingam story...I heard of him doing that ever year during Mahashivarathri...and I also know that he has billions of followers ard the world...what I cant u'stand is that can so many ppl be blind followers if he hasn't got any truth in him?


PRADEEP K. said...

Dear Passerby,
I never said miracles do not happen. Everything around us is a miracle in its own right. Life is a miracle indeed.

All I said is that it is wrong to glorify miracles and to make them the bases of attracting the multitudes to a religion.

Dear Ashley,
A very rational comment. Those who do not see that their own life is a great miracle, get mesmerized and bow to such magical feats.

Dear Keshi,
If David Blaine grew a long beard, wore Saffron robes, and walked the streets of India for a few months performing his bizarre tricks, he could take back at least a few thousand followers.

They would frame his photograph in their homes and call him the next Avataar of their God.

Please don't get me wrong, I have nothing against that happening. But that would not change the fact that he is just David Blain, a great magician.

Queen Bee said...

Actually every creation on earth or the earth, universe, they are all amazing miracles. We are blessed :)

karmic_jay said...

Loved the post. I am amazed at the gullibility of people :)

pandora said...

good post and good thinking brother! :)

PS: how r u doin? and howz life? :)

nerine said...

i can't think of many things to say other than...




pradeep, you are right about david blain. i could see it now. mr. blain the saint prophet. he'd love that.

Yashita said...

oh pradeep...I soooo agree wid u!!!

the human body is THE ultimate genius!!! nothing can beat that!!!nuthing!!! and yes, miracles and all is all fake...skill and a few tricks..nuthing much...i never believed in them anyways:)

and no one is gonna curse u!! ur right:)

Yashita said...

and hey!!! wen are u going to let the cat out of the bag???
d suspense is killin us:))

Boldnbeautiful said...

Normal healthy, peaceful life is real a miracle.

have a nice day

praveen said...

hey pradeep...good issue out there..i never really beleived in all these "magicians"...but thanks to many gullible people out there...they're actually making a very good life out there...

PRADEEP K. said...

vDear QB,
That is exactly my point. We are all miracles.

Dear Jay,
Welcome to the Chasm. The need of the hour seems to be demystification. Can a few of us make a difference?

Dear Neha,
Hi sis. All fine. But how come you are not responding to my YM Msgs? Got ma a bit perplexed about it. Hope all is fine with you.

Dear Nerine,
Thank you for those words. I couldn't blame him if he loved that. I'd only have to blame the people who make him that. :)

Dear Yash,
Thank you. The cat? Hahahaha!

Trust me, the suspense is mucha harder on me. All this was so sudden that she certainly needs time to think. Am waiting very eagerly for her response. :)

Dear Bold,
Agree. Thank you. :)

Dear Praveen,
Yes, they are. Unbelievable, but true. It is simple, really:

Learn some magic, grow a long beard (only for men), wear saffron robes, and set up a "Kuteera" somewhere on the banks of a river. Practice your magic until you become a pro. Get some people to vouch that you are a miracle-worker. You will be rich very soon, and have your share of followers. Then you will be covered by international TV channels and newspapers at no expense.

Yes, a pretty decent life, I must agree. :)


pandora said...

yeah i know...but Y mssnger was giving me lot of troubles! i skipped the chatting business! :(

Keshi said...

I so agree with BnB...normal, healthy, peaceful life is a miracle..cos not many can live such a life on this Earth!


PRADEEP K. said...

Dear Keshi,
You are so right. Communicating that was the whole point of this article. We are indeed blessed.