Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Strength is not holding back tears.
Strength is acknowledging tears.
Courage is not being without fear.
Courage is being despite fear.

Sometimes words fail, and tears
speak very loud, and very clear.

Emotions are natural.
The shower of tears,
the thunder of laughter,
all simply natural.

Crying is okay; it is not at all wrong.
Don't think that those who never cry are strong.
And don't consider yourself a weakling if you cry.
Hold no fears; shed those tears; you will not die.


Queen Bee said...

Love the first segment :))

pandora said...

wow..wonderful!...i mean i had read almost all of your poems and articulates. exellent...kya likhte ho aap!
keep up the good work :)

take care :)

Yashita said...


Keshi said...

THANK U Pradeep for putting my mind into words! I always believed in every word u said there amidst the contrary that ppl taught me to be..

**Strength is not holding back tears.
Strength is acknowledging tears.
Courage is not being without fear.
Courage is being despite fear.

SO DAMN TRUE! Pouring out our emotions is not a's natural and it should flow...hiding ur true self from others in order to look strong is no good for u...Cry if u must, fear if u should, just let it all out!

Wonderful job!


Jewel Rays said...

Nice poem.

Tears is a wonderful creation. IT heals and makes you stronger. i personally think that crying makes us stronger. and it has helped me through my years. :)

a beutiful expression the one i love is

Courage is being despite fear.

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

Hi Pradeep,
That was really good poem buddy.
Every word every sentence has a deep meaning.
Waiting for more from you...


Boldnbeautiful said...

good 0ne. :)

the content is so true

PRADEEP K. said...

Dear Everyone,
Thank you for your kind words.

traveler said...

well said ... answered some of the questions i had in mind !!

Miladysa said...

Lovely sentiments!

PS. I plan to read Naomi later when I can give it the attention it deserves.

Navin S said...

hi pradeep

i'm addicted to your way of writing and the expression that you inject whilst producing an articulate yet convicing post!

just wondering, is writing an in-born talent or any jack for that so matter could be became a great writer

Neha said...

do u really think so? you know i cry a lot! and i'v started to wonder.. :)

courage is being despite fear..i like this line a lot..

Ashley said...

As they say in Texas when someone wholeheartedly agrees --

"Amen to that!"

passerby55 said...

hi from a passerby...
was indeed passingby

one to thunder
with laughter, but
thinking today
at times one needs
a shower
of tears without fears.


still_figuring_out said...

"Courage is being despite fear."

-simply beautiful. the whole poem is beautifully written. one of the most inspiring piece of work.

PRADEEP K. said...

I am simply overwhelmed by the honest reactions to this post. :)

Navin, that is a difficult question to answer. I believe expression just finds way - writing, music, painting, singing - it just finds way.

traveler said...

True Pradeep, expression always finds its way n perhaps not many would take it up with writing.

nerine said...

thank you prady. this poem carried me through the weekend when i needed to hear it.