Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Why Is He Lonely?

“Well, how do I look?” she asked. She had a hopeful smile on her face.

“Huh?” he was at a loss for words.

He was not used to judging people. He was certainly not used to judging people by their looks. Never before had he been subject to such a dilemma.

“How do I look?” she repeated eagerly.

“Different,” he tried to be diplomatic.

In fact, she looked unfamiliar. It had taken him nearly three whole minutes to recognize her.

“What do you mean ‘different’?” she pouted her lips.

“Different... What happened to your hair?”

“I had it done!” she beamed with pride.

“Done?” he was confused.

“Yeah, at the parlor! Hasn’t she done a great job?”

“She has destroyed your hair!”

He never understood why she did that. She woke up in the morning looking naturally gorgeous. She blinked at her angelic reflection in her favorite oval mirror. Then she went over to that frightful place and got herself ‘done’, although he never understood what that word meant in women’s parlance. She returned, poorer by about 300 bucks, looking strikingly similar to the stupid hag who had ‘done’ her. And she asked him how she looked.

“You looked a million times more beautiful when I saw you this morning,” he said, believing every word of it.

“You are such a heartless jerk!” she snapped back at him.

They wonder why he is lonely. He is lonely because she went and married the first gentleman who lied to her.

Disclaimer: All characters and circumstances portrayed in the above composition are factual. The similarity to any person or persons, living or dead, is intentional. The intensity is all mine.


Alapana said...

And he might be alone till such times when an angel comes to him asking if he can read her heart,If he can understand her silence,If he knows her feelings,And for that day he wont Lie either,he would say YES and that would be the last day when he will be alone.

I have been to this blog before also,but commenting first time. Wonderful work. keep writing.

Yashita said...

but we have lie sometime or d other, don't we? if not for us then for others. if saying u look beautiful makes some1 happy, wat's d harm??

he could have said that he finds her more beautiful early morning.and nothing can mar her beauty and even wid her hair done she still looks beautuful!!
and are we missin soemthing else here?? is this just fiction??

passerby55 said...
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passerby55 said...

we need appreciation,to better ourselves.

A true friend knows to advice and also knows how to advice,
He/She can critically appreciate,not one but everything about you.
The day he/she turns to be a Friend ... never,again,will be "lonely"

Keshi said...

he's lonely cos he's so honest...how sad...

I woudlnt marry a jerk who'd lie to me...I'd rather marry this lonely n honest guy cos he's telling thr truth...a woman is naturally beautiful...I know what he's saying...hairdressers though they r good occasionally, ruin the natural looks of a woman...


Ash said...

well most of the ppl need to be flattered ........so those honest to the heart replies which is the truth could actually never register intially but will in the long run only ,............

but genuiness counts what so ever!!!!

Queen Bee said...

She will finally understand one day, and miss him for his goodness.

Princess said...

Nice one. People loose relations for nothing real.

Navin S said...

very touching

One thing that everyone should realize that the whole life (or world) that we are heralding at this very moment is NOT real. Nothing is permanent. Perhaps the guy is destined for a greater soul, someone who could balance the( or his) karma. She( the character) is just not for him.

good mate,friend

Jewel Rays said...

Love da last part. Haha did let out a few chuckle.

MEN! you guys will neva understand why women need to beautify themselves...:P *smiles*

but its kinda sweet how he thinks she look awesome without making herself up. that would be every girl's dream when it comes to her man looking at her everytime.

I like this post pradeep. nice one.*smiles*

Jewel Rays said...

and yeah not to forget i would prefer the truth too though a lie may make me feel good. :)

PRADEEP K. said...

Dear Alapana,
He has been waiting for such an angel for years now. He is just about to give up. Thank you for those sensitive comments. :)

Dear Yash,
He is not a politician. Diplomacy is not his cup of tea. :)
NO! This is NOT FICTION! Read the disclaimer again. ;)

Dear Passerby,
Someone who flatters you all the time to keep you happy is not a true friend. A true friend is one who would slap you across your face and bring you back to reality when that is needed. :)

Those words mean a lot. Thank you for your vote, dear. (hugggggggs)

Dear Ash and QB,
By the time she understands, it would be too late, as in this case. :)

Dear Aizwa,
He believes in natural beauty. :)

Dear navin,
He has been hearing such words of consolation since about ten years, and has grown tired of them. Those words mean nothing to him. He accepts his reality, however harsh it may be. :)

Dear Amy,
Why would it not make her feel good if he said that she looked beautiful without making herself up? Why does she want to resort to artificial beautification, when he thinks she is naturally beautiful? It is obvious that she is not making herself up for him, but for someone else. It is also obvious that she feels insecure without her makeup.

Yashita said...

hehee, read ur disclaimer!! how stupid of me!! I read d disclaimer tht day itself, but guess I thot tht like all other disclaimers it will say the same thing..."it is fictional and tht d similarities are coincidental!!"
hmmn, good lesson in remembering to read everything properly, some times we take things for granted:)