Friday, November 10, 2006

Happy Returns

Friends, readers, blogmates...

Many Happy Returns Of The Day!

It was this day, last year, that Shatanand's relentless prodding had been successful in making me open my mind out on blogspot. However, today I am not celebrating the fact that this blog is one year old. I am celebrating all of you, my wonderful friends, readers and blogmates who considered it worth your while to visit my space. I have been fortunate enough to have a handful of great friends, online as well as offline. This one goes out to all of you.

All of us have been walking on our own paths. The paths sometimes intersected with or ran parallel to each other, and sometimes diverged from or opposed each other. Some of us have been voracious lone wolfs, while some have been humble sheep. All this is simply natural, based on each individual's convictions. I respect all of you. Therefore, I am celebrating all of you.

On my journey, I have had some very favourable times and some not-so-favourable times; had people joining me and people leaving me; been blessed with encouragement and cursed with discouragement; been nourished by love and impoverished by apathy...

Despite that I am glad that I have not worn masks, and that my convictions have not staggered. I continue today on the same exotic journey, which I started on years ago. And I shall continue on the same path to the finishing line.

Dear friends, it does not matter whether you walk a parallel path or a divergent one; it does not matter whether you stick to a single path or try several. On this occasion I wish all the very best for all of you, and hope that you will all make it to the finishing line as soon as you can.

Please do stop to smell those beautiful flowers on your way... :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Pradeep,
I finally decided to comment again here. Well, i am not really sure my prodding was the only factor that made u blog.
And i am doubly sure i am always the first person who reads ur posts :)
You are doing a great job..
Hugzzz( i was told to do this )


passerby55 said...

"WE can only be said to be alive in those moments when our heart is conscious of our treasures..."

I thank Swami who encouraged you and gave this blogosphere such a wonderful blogwriter.

Pradeep, INdeed a wonderful journey traveled and i am happy to celebrate it with you. Heartiest congragulations.

Wishing you the very best.


Ashley said...

Happy Returns to you, too! Nice flowers, by the way. I will surely stop to smell them!


V N said...

First time here. And I couldnt have come around at a better moment, I guess.
Many many happy returns!

Queen Bee said...

Hi Pradeep,

Love your revamp & of course the pics of the beautiful flowers!!! Can feel some difference in our dear Pradeep :) :)

tulipspeaks said...



Keshi said...

Happy Bday to Praddy's blog! Nice post and those roses look LOVELY mate.


PRADEEP K. said...

Heyyyyy Shatanand! :)
FINALLY is right! About time too, bro.

Indeed, you are always the first to read my posts. You have read a few of them even before they became posts here.

In fact, I believe you know your way through the Chasm as well as I do; people might do better consulting you than hitting that search button up there. :))

Whether or not it was the ONLY factor, it is true that I would not have done so without your prodding. I had been quite happy writing out stuff on paper or storing it in my hard disk. You made me go against my lazy nature, and made me create a blog, a profile, and so on. See how far it has come now. :)

Thank you. I guess I know who told you to hug me. :D

Dear Passerby,
Thanx and hugggs.

Congratulations to you too. You are welcome to walk further with me if you so choose. :)

The refridgerator is over there. Help yourself to anything you please. Amu is in charge of pastries; so take a big helping from her.

Dear Ashley,
Thanks a bunch!

Everytime you stop to smell them, you gain a lot more than just the sweetness of the smell. :)

Okay now join the celebrations. There's the fridge with the goodies, and there's Amu with the pastries. Help yourself, Ashley. :)

Dear Velu,
Welcome to the Endless Chasm. You are a very special guest, because you come at a very special time.

Meet some other wonderful people from my comments and sidebar.

Join the celebrations! Look around, have fun.
Keep visiting. :)

Dear Queen Bee,
Busy bee, busy bee, how busy can you be? :) Hasn't it been a long time? Where have you been?

Celebration time! Raid the refridgerator and help yourself to whatever you like. :)

Amu's right over there, that gal with that LOVELY BIG smile, helping people with pastries. Take a big helping from her.

A difference in Pradeep? Hmmm...
You make me ponder about that.

Amuuuuuuuu... :)
Celebration time! Shall we dance, Amu? lol :))

Dear Keshi,
Welcome to the celebrations. Look around and help yourself to all the goodies dear. The refridgerator is open to all. The pastries are Amu's department. ;)

Have fun, girl!

Jewel Rays said...

AWw i lurve this post!! REally nice..And those flowers..b-e-a-u-t-i-f-ul..!!:D

HAPPY bloggy b-day!!!

Krishnakumar said...

Happy Bday :) and a wonderful post :)

PRADEEP K. said...

Dear Amy,
Thanx and Hugggzzz...
You just saw a reflection of yourself in those flowers. :)

Dear Krishnakumar,
Thanx a bunch. Have fun!


Keshi said...

awwww ty Praddy! :):)

btw r ya sure Amu is good at making pastries? lol! I can bring some cruisers ;-)


Ash said...

wow pradeep, new look ....
hi ...been away for a loooooooong time

Neha said...

a belated happy bday to ur blog :-) its got an all new look it seems..looks great!