Saturday, March 02, 2013

Budget Makes Women Rich

Did you follow our finance minister's budget this year? If you're a woman, there's something in it for you! 

They've announced a Rs. 1000 Crore "Nirbhaya" Fund for safety and empowerment of women.

Of course, they wouldn't tell us how exactly this amount would be applied. When the minister presented the budget, all he said was, "The ministry of women and child development and other ministries concerned will work out details of the structure, scope and application of the fund."

But I think this is not a good enough indication when it concerns Rs. 1000 Crore. A definite plan must be in place before such an amount can be allocated for something. What do you think? 

Are they going to put a fence around every woman? Are they going to give each woman a personal body guard for life? Are they going to build a separate township just for women? Or are they just going to eat up a 1000 Crores of public money in these times of recession? Remains to be seen.

Population survey (2012) indicated that India had 59,14,00,000 women. 1000 Crore / 59,14,00,000 is nearly 16 Crore per woman. Or a lot more per politician. I really think every woman must claim the said amount from the government and organize security for themselves.

If you're a woman, I think you should stop reading this now, and go and claim your share too! :)

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