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Number Play

Someone asked, "Assuming Numbers really do tell reliable tales, why should we believe your strange method of reading? Would you prove it with a personal example?"

Hmm... Okay! :-)

Note that this article is not meant as a tutorial to my method of reading and interpreting Numbers. Hence it does not go into the depth of the matter at hand.

This is just an example reading of one specific event in a person's life (in this case, of myself). The idea here is only to show how the association of Numbers and their Rulers can give valuable insights, which could answer our questions if read and interpreted accurately.

An actual reading would need to take several inputs into consideration, depending on the desired degree, depth and clarity of understanding. But for the purpose of this demonstration I shall use only the bare minimum variables. However, I am sure you will note how much Numbers reveal even to such a surficial reading.

Name: (omitted in this case because I shall not be using the name variables).
DOB: July 24, 1974
TOB: (omitted in this case because I shall not be using the time variables).
DOQ: July 2, 2012 (My query is about an event that started around that date).
Query about: Relationship, starting new.
Query: Will it lead to good results?
Query Number: (omitted in this case because I shall not be using these variables).

Several other inputs and computed variables are omitted because I shall not be using them here.

First we take a quick look at the querrent:
Birth year ruled by Ju;
birth month ruled by Ke;
zodiacal month ruled by Su;
birth date ruled by Ve;
birth day ruled by Me;
life path ruled by (Ke).

In the last case, the brackets indicate a Karmic influence from the Ruler. For the sake of understanding you may consider this a sort of lesson to be learned by the native before the full potential of the Ruler is released. Providing the exact details of Karmic Numbers and their effects in different positions and at various levels is outside the scope of this article.

Briefly :
+ Association of Ju with Ke: among other things, it gives the native an analytical mind. The native enjoys solitude and has a contemplative nature. Could be a seeker of truth who likes investigating into the esoteric or the unknown. (Other details omitted as they have no relevance to the query).
+ Association of Ju with Me-Ve combination: quick phrases: writing, poetry, many relationships (note aspect of Ke).
+ Ke (ruler of the 8th from Su) rules birth month in the Zodiacal month of Su. Not a very bad Ke, since 8th from Su is shared by Ju, also the ruler of the birth year and the 5th from Su.
+ Life Path ruled by (Ke): among other things, underlines solitude.

Okay, let's omit the rest of the boring details and try to answer the query:
+ Note the association and aspects of Me,Ju,Ve,Ke,(Ke).
+ Among other things keep in mind that Ve is a natural significator of love, while a strong Ju assures favorable outcome of a relationship (depending on transits and other associations, of course). Here, their association with Ke and a life path of (Ke), and also the weakness caused by the absence of both Ju and Ve in the Natal Grid (not shown here) already makes this query weak. It all depends on transit numbers now.

Transit year 2012:
Transit year ruled by Me;
transit day ruled by Ma;
transit path ruled by Ma.

+ The transit path Ma(9): Among other things, this signifies the end of a transit cycle (leading to a beginning of a fresh new transit cycle). It is best a period of closures, finalization, completions and ends.
+ Fickle-mindedness, volatility and sudden, unforeseen changes are some of the qualities of Me, which rules the transit year.

Taking whatever we have until now into consideration, I already wouldn't be too positive about the query "Relationship, starting new" at this point. But since the question is being raised after the event, let's continue this to the very end and see how Numbers tell the whole story.

+ Transit month July ruled by (Ke)(9+7=16/7): I don't see this re-association as a positive sign, but it is one of the lessons to be learned, and it will be administered. This is one of the strongest reasons why I did not consult myself (or another astro/numerologist) with this query before proceeding with the matter under question.

+ Transit date 2nd ruled by Ma(7+2=9): again, the number of finalization and closures. But to top it, this transit date was very strongly influenced by Mo. Not only does 2 represent Mo, but also Monday is ruled by Mo. 2nd July was a Monday. Also, 2nd July falls in the Zodiacal month of Cancer, which is also ruled by Mo. In addition, please do note that the transit day (24/07/2012) is Tuesday, ruled by Ma(9).

If I had consulted myself with this query prior to this event, I would have perhaps answered:
The period within the cycle is not that of a fresh start, but of completion; moreover transits during this period do not favor this query with respect to the native; this is specially emphasized because the natural afflictions noted in the Natal Grid also do not offer any particular strength to the topic of the query. This is certainly not the right time for "Relationship, starting new."

Indeed, I would have analyzed many more variables (birth force, pinnacles, challenges, transit chart weaknesses and strengths etc.) before coming to the conclusion, but the general result would have been what has been said above.

Now let me try to answer the query: Will it lead to good results?
As a point in argument, let's try and see what could happen to such a relationship. Native is already on a transit path of 9, influenced by fickle-minded Me; what do you think could happen when we get to a transit month of 9 under this period? Sudden, unforeseen changes, fickle-mindedness, volatility, sensitivity, and -- boom! -- a conclusion, a loss. When could that happen? The transit month July is 7, so it could happen after two months, in September, when the transit month is 9.

That, my friends, is exactly what happened.
+ Trouble started around Sept 13. Please note this is also the Zodiacal month of Virgo, ruled by Me, which is the ruler of the transit year. In addition 13 is the Karmic representative of Ra.
+ And it ended on Sept 16, 2012: year ruled by Me; month ruled by Ma; zodiacal month ruled by Me; date ruled by (Ke); day ruled by Su; path ruled by Ju.

Final notes:
+ As mentioned earlier, this is not an exhaustive (nor holistic) reading, but only a sample considering the bare minimum inputs.
+ This is not divination. I maintain that no human can divine the future. The most we could do is read the indications or answers from the subtle signs and be prepared for whatever the future holds in store.
+ Whatever it is, I believe the right attitude is: "I am game!"

I was tooo damn lazy to run swell-chek on this peace, so foregive the swelling mitakes. :-p

Be happy.

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