Monday, February 20, 2006

Kill For a Myth?

A myth is a popular belief that is false or unsupported by facts. It is, simply, unreal. I have never been a fan of mythology, but its power has always held me in awe.

Mythical tales are undoubtedly great bedtime stories for kids. However, I also know adults who believe that such tales are real history, and they would go to any extent to uphold their faith. I repeat: any extent! Recently, when i told someone that the stories of Hercules are fantasies, not much unlike the stories of Mickey Mouse, I was just lucky enough to escape a fatal kick!

Are there not enough real problems to worry about, to study, and to find solutions for? And yet, it is amazing to see the strength with which an artificial history captivates the human mind, and enslaves cultures into believing something that never was.

What is funny is that the very traditions and religions that uphold truth and condemn lies, also propagate lies in the form of mythical fantasies. And many people around the globe seem to be mystified by such lies, and are ready to commit murders to uphold their faith.

There was a time when people around the world used to believe that a bunch of dinosaur bones belonged to some mythical dragon. At this rate, I would not be surprised if I soon saw people praying to Sherlock Holmes, believing him to be the God of logic and reasoning.

Such a pity!



Bhakti said...

Are you trying to say that my beloved Hanuman didn't actually jump over the ocean??? ;)

Keshi said...

hmmm Pradeep I know what u mean...myths blind many ppl...but how do we prove some myths to be a myth?


Ashley said...

Wow... must be difficult for you as I encountered more people in India who believe in fantastic tales than anywhere I have been in the world! Especially the people of Khajuraho... they were especially superstitious. Even some of them thinking that George W. Bush is the latest incarnation of Vishnu (I am NOT making this up!!!). Yikes!!!

still_figuring_out said...

i would like to echo keshi.

how do we know for sure that some myths, are myths?

that`s the problem, isn`t it? we just do not know some things in life.

i like to keep it that way, sometimes ;)

PRADEEP K. said...

Dear Bhakti,
Welcome to the Endless Chasm. Hope you keep visiting. Also hope you enjoy the articles, short stories and poems here.

Dear readers,
I have attempted to answer your questions in my new post.

As always, thank you for your support and encouragement.

nerine said...

awesome piece prady. better then when you first told me about it. it just a sign of intelligence to what extent grown adults will believe in something that says it is fake in the title. myth=not real, ology=study of.

Jewel Rays said...

Great post. Many are bound with mythical things causing their own minds to be downgraded or manipulated sometimes i feel. but yet some of this mythical things i feel do possess an unseen force to have caused this people to feel drawn i feel. I guess it comes from different cultures, beliefs and traditions surrounding an individual.

i personally hold a question mark on what is a myth and what is not. Whether its real or not. I feel its should not be a big manipulation the way i walk my present life for now. but however, it can be pretty contadicting sometimes i feel. Thats ma opinion.

Myth is unreal and seems like a legend in some cases. but with evidences a myth may turn out to be history indeeds. I hope i make sense and am feeling ya right.

I would not be surprised if I soon saw people praying to Sherlock Holmes, believing him to be the God of logic and reasoning.

Its actually happening..hahaha may be not sherlock holmes but someother..


enjoyed reading ya thoughts on this pradeep ;)

Queen Bee said...

I don't know... Some things in life require our faith even before it is proven in front of our very eyes.

One thing I don't approve of is pure superstition.

PRADEEP K. said...

Dear Amy,
A myth, by definition, is fiction, a fantasy, a story. There would be no evidence, because it is something that never really happened. A myth can never become history. :)

Dear QB,
Faith has nothing to do with fiction.

If you say that women could conceive babies from their ears, or that women could give birth to a 100 healthy babies in a single session, and then you ask me to have faith, that would be a stretch!


Jewel Rays said...

Hi Pradeep,

:) Its true that a myth is a fantasy by definition. In other words its not existing in reality. I agree.

but what makes you think that there would never be an evidence to conclude that myth to be under the wrong catergory? I think sometimes its basically people's opinion. Some people actually practices, believe or actually worship these things which you conclude as myth. I can never understand their practices but however don't you think there has to be some percentage of belief for them to actually practice it? :) Well i hope i am not sounding like a supporter to their practices. I honestly find those practices sometimes foolish, weird or just plain blinding. but than again, these are pretty senstive areas when it comes to their personal belief. What they see may not be what i see. but as long as what they are doing does not affect the society i think it should be fine by me.*smilies*

PRADEEP K. said...

Dear Amy,

" long as what they are doing does not affect the society..."

That is a good point. Even I don't care what they believe for themselves. But if you want to see what they are doing to the society, read these two articles:

Jewel Rays said...

Thank you for the links. :) appreciate it.