Thursday, February 02, 2006

Inspire Me!

What is common to all our great scientists, visionaries, poets, writers, philosophers and sages?

All of them have a worm inside them - a willingness to challenge all established beliefs, to transcend preconceived notions, and to meditate on the subject in hand - a relentless, voracious worm. They are all soldiers, who will not stop until they are dead.

Why am I writing this? To inspire myself! To awaken and stimulate that dormant worm inside me. Wake up, worm! And promise me that you will not let me sleep until my purpose is served. Disturb me! Ruffle me up! Provoke me, now!

By the way, I am okay.

An exercise of the above nature is very refreshing. It really invigorates the worm in you.
Do try it at home, and let me know when you reap the wonderful rewards.

Don't try this exercise while driving. ;)


Jewel Rays said...

YAy i am first! *smiles*

Wake up, worm! And promise me that you will not let me sleep until my purpose is served. Disturb me! Ruffle me up! Provoke me, now!

Love this expression! Its like asking the worm to flirt with you and stimulate your passions once again to bring forward those magical inspiration through the blogs..Love dat expression..*smiles*

Intresting and unique post!

PRADEEP K. said...

Hey Amy! :)
Yes you are first! And today, I was also first in your blog! What a coincidence! (Smiles)

And thank you. (Salutes)

Jewel Rays said...

hahaha i guess both are us seem tobe actively in the blog wolrd at the moment..HAHA!

PRADEEP K. said...

What do you know...

Who discovered Amy's "stained Glass" blog?

I did! I did!


Queen Bee said...

Hey, you've changed your blog design! You know, the blogger worm stirs periodically if my observations are right...the cycle goes like this....growth, blockade, transformation/freedom from blockade, repeat ;P I am in the cycle too....

PRADEEP K. said...

Dear QB,
Change is the only constant we face.

I got bored of the old interface, wanted to do something creative, wanted to get rid of some unnecessary clutter, and wanted to link to my friends on my sidebar. So I landed up selecting a new template and making some slight modifications. Hope you like the new look. :)

And hey, I have linked to you, too.


Queen Bee said...

Hey thanks! I am thinking about creating links on my sidebar too. But I am hesitating because there is issue of stalkers for one of my blog friends. I will probably shelf it till some time later.

pandora said...

hmmm...quite provoking :D

now u peped me up brilliantly...of course for my boadrs xams[@ present].

jaago worm jaago ;)

wonderfull blog and skillful brother :)..congrats.


PRADEEP K. said...

hey sis!
Glad that you liked it. I'm sure you will do very well in your board exms. All the best. Keep the worm alive.


Miladysa said...

I like the new look.

Great post - is it awake?

PRADEEP K. said...

Dear Miladysa,
Thank you. Yes, I believe it is awake :D